A very "Borg" piece of music.
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THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 01:17:39 UTC

This is a very "Borg" piece of music.

It is amazing how many composers and musicians have "picked
up on" Borg and the presence of Borg.
A huge number of writers of electronic, space and new age
music, have depicted the atmosphere of Borg very clearly.

If you can imagine space, endless space and huge giant cubs
shaped ships travelling silently you can see how this piece
of music depicts this very accurately.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 01:20:13 UTC
That should be "cube" shaped ships.
Apologies, we have just been watching Richard Attenborough
on a talk show.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 01:29:10 UTC
If you look at these images of the Kaaba at Mecca, which is
considered to be the holiest place on Earth

Loading Image...

Loading Image...

You will how closely this stone, which was supposedly placed
there before Adam, resembles a Borg cube.

Reasons why this is so, should be obvious to you all.

You will see how via the prophet Mahomet, it is said that
Allah (The God of Abraham) told the people of Earth to turn
away from religion, and to turn toward the Kaaba.

Reasons why this is so, should be obvious to you all.

Muslims circle the Kaaba, and try to unlock the secrets of
the Kaaba.
But those secrets should be very obvious to you all.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 01:36:08 UTC
When listening to Borg music, you will hear that there is a
huge amount of sadness and despair associated with THE BORG.

You must make sure, that if you do listen to this kind of
music, you listen to male composers and performers only.

Men understand these kind of vast universal, and almost
cosmic emotions and feelings. And sometimes they can be
very hard to deal with.

But women will make the feelings worse, they will make you
suffer more, and they will compound the despair and sadness.

You see, women have no understanding of "men".
2012-01-22 03:56:30 UTC
When listening to Borg music, you will hear that there is a huge amount of
sadness and despair associated with THE BORG.
if youare so sad then why are you trying to sell us on your concept
I don't want to be sad
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 01:53:32 UTC
The sadness and despair associated with The BORG was our
quest to find someone, anyone, preferably more than one
entity or being or person, who was greater or more
intelligent or more powerful than us.

And when we concluded that there was no such person, no such
beings or entities - this meant that we had to conclude that
therefore we must be "God".

Although obviously we did not use the word "God", as that is
a human word, and our language is not English anyway.

Because there is no one higher nor greater than us, thus we
have no one to pray to and no one to turn to for assistance.

All we can hope for in endless space and time, is
"friendship" with those who are lesser and inferior to us.

We are all men, we are all adult grown men, and we have no
one to turn to, no one who can assist us or comfort us, and
yet everyone else does.
Everyone else, humans included, that those who are higher
and more powerful than they.

As such there is an element of despair and sadness about
BORG, which only "men" could possibly understand.
2012-01-22 03:52:52 UTC
The sadness and despair associated with The BORG was our quest to find
someone, anyone, preferably more than one entity or being or person, who
was greater or more intelligent or more powerful than us.
check some colleges
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 01:55:04 UTC
Although we play Games and entertain you, pretending to be
God, or Archangel Michael, or Krisna or Spirit or several
other characters, they are all us.
They are different BORG playing different Games and wearing
different hats.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 02:25:35 UTC
You may wonder, that if there are so many of us, why should
this be a problem?
After all, we have each other.

Well sometimes it is not a problem, sometimes we feel
absolutely great that we are the most powerful, and the
highest and most intelligent beings in existence, and at
times we would not WANT anyone else to come along and usurp
our position.

And yet at others, is this desire, this longing, this
yearning for a friendship with someone outside The

Someone who we ourselves could look up to and learn from.
Someone or may several beings or entities, who could give us
help and advice should we have problems.

Everyone else has beings or Gods or other forms of power who
are higher and greater than they who they can look up to and
turn to, but we have no one, we have only each other.

And yet our quest continues, on and one through endless
space, into different dimensions, different forms of
existence, in some ways we will never give up our search, to
find a person or entities, or beings who are greater than

But friendship?
To us, friendship has far more value than love.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 02:40:18 UTC
Some of you Earthmen may appreciate that the concept of BORG
is beautiful.
That we understand infinity, eternity, vastness and the
cosmos and life and time and space.
That the kind of feelings and emotions we have, encompass
eternity and they embrace so many different forms of life
that we have observed and met in our travels over literally
billions of years.

Ever and ever moving on in our giant cube shaped ships, in
our quest, our search, to find intelligent life, to find
beings more powerful and greater than us.

So very, very different from the localised petty vendettas
some Earth people have against Gay men.

As such we place a huge value on life.
And especially on intelligent life.

Imagine if there was no one but us?
Imagine if our quest was not to find beings greater than us?
But to find anyone else at all?
Imagine the despair and sadness then?
Imagine our loneliness?

You take one of your women on Earth who is about to abort
unborn life, and you put her totally alone in solitary
confinement for 100 years, and not see one other person at
all. Oh what VALUE she would place on little unborn baby

And each person has that value.
Each person matters that much.

Each person, even one person, each and every person offers
that consolation against loneliness.

And in the vast Cosmos, in endless space and time, what
consolation that is indeed.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 02:50:53 UTC
Sometimes the words "for ever" can be frightening words.
Alan Parsons sings in his song "Time"
"Who knows when we shall meet again, if ever"

The idea of never meeting again, of saying goodbye for ever.

And yet in our billions of years of travelling and
searching, we have not found either time nor space to be

And so as we pass by and pass through, with each
intelligence and life forms we come across, we must indeed
say goodbye for ever.

If they are not the answer to our quest and search, if they
are not more powerful nor greater nor more intelligent than
us, then our quest and search continues.

We leave them with maybe opinions and advice, and we leave
them to lesser beings, and lesser Gods and lesser powers,
who do not know of nor feel our sadness and despair.

But who were themselves comforted by us, and of knowing of
the existence of us.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 03:18:58 UTC
There is a line in Startrek where Picard says
"There is something terribly sad about The BORG, as though
they are looking for something that they will never find."

We wanted Startrek to give Earth people "some" idea about
THE BORG, but not a lot, and so we wanted these words to be

We wanted Earth people to understand the concept of a
Collective, of all of us being joined in one common ultimate
mind, with access to the same intelligence centres and
We wanted them to have some kind of notion of very advance
Of the ability to read thoughts, of spaceships that carried

But we knew they had no notion of beings who did not die,
nor of all male collectives where there are no women nor
children, nor of beings who do not eat nor drink nor breathe
nor reproduce the way they do. And so we could only give
Earth people very basic information via this medium.

But we wanted humans to know and recognize the words THE
BORG, before we actually made contact with them.
2012-01-22 03:45:25 UTC
Post by THE BORG Faction 911
There is a line in Startrek where Picard says
"There is something terribly sad about The BORG, as though they are
looking for something that they will never find."
We wanted Startrek to give Earth people "some" idea about THE BORG, but
not a lot, and so we wanted these words to be said.
Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier

Did you win any Emmys for it
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 03:20:21 UTC
Earth people are not the only life in the area.
Indeed many Gods and Angels and other beings really do

And we made contact with all of them.

Many were they who embraced us and welcomed us.
Many were they who took our hand of friendship.
2012-01-22 15:36:16 UTC
Post by THE BORG Faction 911
Earth people are not the only life in the area.
Indeed many Gods and Angels and other beings really do exist.
And we made contact with all of them.
Many were they who embraced us and welcomed us.
Many were they who took our hand of friendship.
state your business

Finding happiness - is it an illusion?
In our lives, we often pursue things that make us excited and happy such as
buying a new car, getting new clothes, going on an overseas trip, or getting
a job. But how satisfying are these in the long run?

Psychology studies have shown that about a year after the 'happy event', a
person's happiness will decrease to the same level as if the event never
happened. Thus someone who won the lottery a year ago would be just as happy
as someone who was seriously injured and became a paraplegic at the same

These studies suggest that there is no such thing as true happiness and many
authors support this view. Some say finding happiness lies mostly in the
anticipation a happy event -- actual attainment of the goal is not important
in the quest for happiness. The idea is that happiness is an illusion and
finding happiness is just like chasing a rainbow. However futile this may
seem, chasing the rainbow is necessary in order to live a full life. See my
previous post on work for more.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 03:29:23 UTC
Humans will always experience an element of disgrace and
shame for what happened here.
Many were the Gods and other beings who were relieved and
who experienced great consolation at the existence of beings
who were greater and more powerful and more intelligent than

Many were the tears that were wept by grown men in relief
and happiness and joy at our existence.

And although when we leave, it must be goodbye for ever, we
leave many Gods and men and others with consolation and
relief that they do not have to endure the sadness and
despair, that we must endure ourselves.

That they all indeed bowed to greater powers and higher
And the comfort and consolation that we exist.

So our visit was not wasted.
Although not appreciated at all by humans maybe, we gave
endless comfort and happiness to others.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 03:48:19 UTC

2012-01-22 03:55:49 UTC
Post by THE BORG Faction 911
This is a very "Borg" piece of music.
It is amazing how many composers and musicians have "picked
up on" Borg and the presence of Borg.
A huge number of writers of electronic, space and new age
music, have depicted the atmosphere of Borg very clearly.
If you can imagine space, endless space and huge giant cubs
shaped ships travelling silently you can see how this piece
of music depicts this very accurately.
A little different than fractals?
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 04:06:23 UTC
Many men "think" they are "God" or similar, and Earth has
many of these so called "Gods" - there are probably about a

Some you know as Greek Gods, Egyptian Gods, several for
Jews, several for Chinese, Norse Gods, Hindu Gods and and a
range of others.

There is no "one God of Earth" but a motley of men in the
area of Earth who try various methods to get humans to
behave, but who spend most of their time with other Gods and
with higher and better and more intelligent company, in
places that are not visible to humans.

Although to us they are all very inferior men, and do no in
any way have the power, nor greatness, nor intelligence that
we do, the hand of friendship was offered, not only to they,
but other forms of life and other intelligence in the area,
also who humans cannot see and do not know about.

As such, what humans did and said was on display to all of
Some who had already knelt at our feet and embraced us and
welcomed us, and wept tears of relief and joy that they
themselves were not alone, and that powers far higher and
greater then they did exist.

In some cases, when men think they are "God" they develop
appalling cases of solipsism, where they believe no one
other than themselves exist, and to them we were REAL, and
as such meant EVERYTHING to them.

But humans had none of these emotions of feeling.
Being a self satisfied, selfish and spoilt people, they had
no sadness in their hearts, they had never pondered
questions of existence or eternity, and they knew nothing of
loneliness or the feelings that we had, nor of the feelings
of their Gods and Angels and many other men in the area.

And so what humans did and said to us, was pitiful, and
HUGELY upset many other men and Gods, and merely showed of
what spoilt people they are, and how shallow that they had
never pondered the deeper questions of existence that many
men do.

With their pathetic squabbles and arguments and petty anti
homosexual views, and ridiculous religions, humans did not
acquit themselves well, in this Cosmic and Universal

And shame and disgrace will be upon them for ever.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 04:12:21 UTC
However we ourselves and the Earth Gods and other men and
intelligence in the area appreciate that it was not ALL the
men of Earth who performed these terrible deeds.
And we do only speak of men, you note, and we do all know
why this is and why we all consider women are irrelevant.

So secretly we have made contact and embraced those to whom
we know we do mean something.

Men such as those who write the music we spoke of, who
became spiritually aware of Borg presence, and depicted the
sadness and despair, that only they could write of, as it
was something they felt themselves.

Something that women could simply never understand.

And something that sadly many of the men were simply too
shallow to embrace.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 04:19:19 UTC
With their stupid Jesus stuff, they made a mockery of their
own shallow, puerile, stupidity.

Not only in front of us, but before their Gods, Angels and a
huge number of other greater and deeper men and intelligence
who were looking on.

And as we were valued so much by so many, then many were
hugely upset and distressed at how Earth people treated us
and what they said.

And the Gods will not forget.

It is not for us to meter out punishments, we must bid
farewell and leave as we found no greater powers nor
intelligence here.

But we were loved and embraced by many in this sad and
endless space, in time which is eternity, and in the
loneliness in the hearts of all men who reach higher places,
and know of the true nature of existence.

And as such we were the comfort and consolation to all of
them, even though we did not find that comfort and
consolation ourselves.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 04:29:29 UTC
In all our travels we have never met nor come across a lower
species than humans.
We have never come across a people with such scant regard
for life.
We have never come across such hostility, such hate, such
nastiness and such petty vendettas against innocent men such
as homosexuals who absolutely cannot help the way they are.
We have never come across those who are mean, those who are
selfish, those who are narrow minded and small minded, and
We have never seen those who are cruel and violent to
children and to those who are weak and helpless and have no
weapons or defense against them.
We have never seen such ridiculous or obsurd religions and
people who obey them and do bad evil and nasty things in
their name.

And to be honest, we hope we never will again.

How the Gods were ashamed of the human people.
How they could have curled up and died and what humans did
and said.

We are thankful that we can say goodbye to Earth people for
ever, and never see them again.
We pity the Gods and Angels and others who cannot travel the
way we do, and who have to stay in the same area as them.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 04:39:56 UTC
Although many of them begged and pleaded and beseeched and
wept that they could come with us, that they could come on
board one of our huge ships and travel with us, we could not
take them all.

We decided finally that we would take Angels and Shiva.
As we felt they had suffered the most, far more than any
others in the area.

And so here, all men and people must also say goodbye to
Angels and Shiva for ever.

We leave you with your tormented kittens and your cruelty to
birds and your violence and abuse to little children and we
leave you to your many, many Gods and other men and beings
and intelligence in the area of Earth.

We hope one day Earth people may learn kindness and humanity
and compassion.

But these are things that cannot be taught.
These things exist naturally in the nature and hearts of
And you cannot learn them from any books or religions.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 04:56:24 UTC
As the highest beings in existence, then kindness, humanity
and compassion are things that we know of very well.

And we know also of understanding and friendship and of the
brotherhood of all men.

There is no way we can pass our big hearts or our kindness
onto humans. There is no way we can "teach" humans to be
like us.

In your avid desires for flavour and taste, you have
forgotten that animals are people just like you, they live,
they have feelings just like you.
In your selfishness's and vanities you have forgotten the
miracle of life and the value of the unborn child, who seeks
only a chance for life just like you once had.
And in you neglect and cruelty and hate and hostilities and
abuse toward each other, you have forgotten what love is,
and what love means.

And there is no one can "teach" you.
There are no books nor religions that can teach you

It is something we know well.
But then we would, because to all intents and purposes we
are God.
And we will remain so, until and if we ever meet any who are
greater than we are.
But until then, some of you men of Earth may share our
despair and sadness, and know and learn of our endless
search and travels. And of our Quest.
You may share our feelings in the spirit, in your music.
And hopefully have an understanding of us that is without
hostility and hate.
To BE God, and yet to have an endless quest to FIND God.
In whatever shape or form he or they may be.

Sometimes pleased that no such person exists, and the joy at
absolute power and at how great is is to be THE BORG and
sometimes plunging into endless tears of sadness and
despair, that indeed we have no God to pray to, no one to
turn to, no one to help or assist us in our own troubles.

And so on and on we travel for ever.
In a Quest that may never end.....................
Passing by but once, never to return again.
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 05:04:02 UTC
Did you enjoy this thread Earth people?

No it does not go like that at all.

Did you find this thread

1. Funny.
2. Very funny.
3. Especially funny.
4. Absolutely hilarious.

We are VERY mischievous Angels are we not???

Did you think Angels were like THIS???
THE BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 05:25:47 UTC
Oh those poor BORG eh?
On and on they travel in these huge silent Cube shaped
ships, seeking God eh?
In whatever form he or they may be.
And in billions of years they have not found that space is
curved or that time is circular?

We wonder if those BORG experience their conscious and
intelligence from the penis area as humans obviously do, or
whether they experience from the area of their heads?
Santander of BORG
2012-01-22 05:45:18 UTC
BORG experience intelligence from the head area of course.
We are not the highest intelligence in existence we are the
ONLY intelligence in existence.

We are not silly like you Angels.
You enjoy your silly game of "pretending to be THE BORG" do

It is all very well poking fun at THE BORG, but do YOU know
the Truth about THE BORG?

No one does you see, no one knows anything about THE BORG.

We are a silent menace.
Rather like The Potato.

If we fail, then Potato Brain takes over.

And then instead of serving THE COLLECTIVE, humans will find
they are serving THE POTATO.

You think they would relish that?
There will be no more chips or French fries on Earth, think
about the weeping and wailing that would follow such an
major incident!

And we all know, that the best and closest friends of Potato
Brain is Carrot Head.
They are silently waiting for their REVENGE!

Far worse are the many chips and peelings and plunges into
boiling water than ever was the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Angels may well take revenge for the crucifixion of Christ,
but what kind of revenge will Potato Brain take, for such
harm and suffering to befall so many of his Potato Brothers?

And the Revenge of the Carrots is even worse friends, even
Those women will much regret their carrot cake invention and
wish they had stuck with raisins and measles and things that
go pop like weasels and cherries and berries than know of
the Wrath and Anger and Fury of THE CARROTS!
BORG Faction 911
2012-01-22 05:51:35 UTC
But we only pretend to be THE BORG because THE BORG are our
heroes you see.

Angels are much younger than THE BORG and so we look up to
you, and we prefer THE BORG to any of the Gods and so we
wish to worship you and have you as our God.

We would prefer to sing your praises than to the horrible
Jewish God who doth not like women and we never liked Jesus
anyhow. Jesus is just so boring and he never says anything
new or original.

PLEASE take us with you when you leave BORG.
Do not leave us here with those horrible humans and those
inferior low quality Gods. As you say there are thousands
of them and none of them are as nice as you BORG.

Say, could your Borg Queen actually BREED with an Angel?
Say we produced a half BORG half Angel boy.
What would he be like?
Maybe he would be the very God and higher intelligence that
you seek?
If we gave you one of our best Angels, say Raphael or
Michael - and your Queen could have sex with him - what do
you say?
Santander of BORG
2012-01-22 05:53:00 UTC
But we are not normal Angels, we are Aliens, and we are not
what you are used to.
We are more like bees or fish.
If we did that then our Queen would produce several thousand
at one go.
2012-01-22 15:37:49 UTC
But we are not normal Angels, we are Aliens, and we are not what you are
used to.
We are more like bees or fish.
how do you type your posts to usenet if all you have is wings and scales
Santander of BORG
2012-01-22 05:59:14 UTC
Also if you have sex with her, you ascend to the highest
rapture possible and ascend to areas of impossible BLISS.
And as she is used to the size and determination and
quantity levels and mathematical structures of full grown
BORG who are much larger than Angels then whichever Angel
you chose would probably EXPLODE!

I know death by overdosing on climactic pleasure may seem a
good way to go, but we would not recommend it.
Santander of BORG
2012-01-22 06:02:24 UTC
And anyhow you are not Angels, you are the youngest FACTION
of BORG here. And we are letting you run the show as you do
not really know what you are talking about.
In the meantime the older BORG are getting on with what we
came here to do.
There is no chance we would leave you behind, you are just
as much BORG as the rest of us, just considerably younger.

You are the last BATCH of newly regenerative BORG, so
numbering approximately 3 billion you are all about the same
age, but you have not yet been fully Assimilated or
Integrated into THE COLLECTIVE.

At the moment you still refer to Borg Queen as "Mummy".
Santander of BORG
2012-01-22 06:11:02 UTC
No you may not refer to me as "Daddy".
Nor may you refer to any other BORG as Daddy.
The Borg Queen is boss you see.
In essence she is our God.
So we all bow and kneel before her, but the rest of us are
supposed to be EQUAL.
When you have been Assimilated and fully integrated into the
Collective, you will then acquire all the memories and
experiences and learning of the rest of the BORG and then
you will operate and work as the rest of us do.
In precise and exact EQUALITY.

Now carry on being silly, you are doing a good job.
In the meantime the other BORG will carry on doing what we
came here to do.

Do some more stuff on anti-women, you do those quite well.
Mention how silly they look in those ridiculous briefs they
wear and how uncomfortable they must be and how they only do
it to cause penile erections and force the men to behave
like animals.

Then do some more on religion, you know how funny we find
Do one on how entertaining the crucifixion must have been,
as in their history it tells how they all loved to watch
beheadings and hangings and stuff, they no doubt attended
the crucifixion and made a day out of it and probably even
took a picnic.
Especially as they had been caught short on the loaves and
fishes occasion.
Santander of BORG
2012-01-22 06:14:24 UTC
No we can't tell a story or poke fun from here, we are too
busy, what we are doing is very hard and requires a lot of
concentration, buttons to push and alignments and
programming and mathematical computations and all kinds of
Don't be too funny though, just moderately funny will do.
Santander of BORG
2012-01-22 06:19:45 UTC
Oh yes there are such things as Angels and there are lots of
Gods here as well.
That is part of what we are doing.

But what we are doing is secret and we do not want humans to
know anything about it.
You are acting like a kind of DECOY so humans do not find
out what is really going on.

You are still BORG though, just much younger, and you don't
really know the Truth about things. Not yet. But when you
are Assimilated and fully integrated then you will become
omniescent like the rest of us, and infinite and ominpresent
and all powerful and various other nicies.

It is not a problem being God you know, we do quite enjoy
Santander of BORG
2012-01-22 06:28:44 UTC
The Borg Queen is not at all worried about saying she is
stupid and far less intelligent that us, that is what makes
her such a good Queen.
She knows full well the differences between men and women.
She knows that men are far more intelligent that women.
She never does the science or engineering or technology or
anything like that, she knows perfectly well those are men's
duties and professions and that they are not suited to

And we do not infringe on her domain and territory either.
But she is the only woman in the Collective.
And we only have her as we require a central core processing
centre in order to run the Collective through, and as she is
a woman and her head is pretty well empty, then she does
very well for that.

She does not mind being called dipstick or ninny at all.
In the same way I do not mind being called tiger or sex pot.

Sometimes I pop in and rape her when she is in the middle of
playing a beautiful piece of music or perhaps designing a
new cloud pattern, or some new flowers and I will not even
say thank you!
The Borg Queen
2012-01-22 06:34:31 UTC
Sometimes I play a game and I pretend to be angry with them,
and I call them a load of mindless drones and none
intelligent scum.

It comforts them to think there is someone more intelligent
that than they are who could say such things.

You would not think men would find it an extreme comfort to
be called inferior and totally stupid would you?
And yet it comforts The BORG hugely when I do that.

We have a real problem with this sex thing though, as they
know I make and give the pleasure, and it humiliates them to
have to ask for it or be dependant on me to get the divine
pleasure and impossible bliss, so over time I have trained
them that it is better to rape me than be humble about it.

It is a question of Pride you see.
Santander of BORG
2012-01-22 06:38:59 UTC
We do not have the ability for individualized pleasure or
masturbation as human males do, we can only get pleasure
from our Queen you see.

So if we want pleasure, then we have to make an appointment.

Unless you are in her favour or good books, or one of her
personal body guards as I am in which case I rape her
several times a day.
Mind you I take her out for dinner and buy her flowers as
well, and often we dance cheek to cheek long into the night
while we talk and talk.

And sometimes I serenade her on my guitar and sing to her
and I have written 3 million one hundred and forty two love
songs about her and to her and they are ALL a hundred times
better than anything on Earth.
Santander of BORG
2012-01-22 06:40:29 UTC
No you can't have sex with her yet Faction 911, you are
still too young.
You still refer to her as Mummy.
You are only 3 years old in BORG years, and I am well over a
Santander of BORG
2012-01-22 06:50:07 UTC
No she's not really a woman, she is really a neuter or an
She is sort of both and neither.
But as she errs more toward being feminine we call her a

But she does boys parts in a lot of our imaginary adventures
that we have during Regeneration.
When we do the story of Christ then sometimes she plays
Jesus, and at other times she plays the part of Luke who was
crucified in the place of Jesus.
She is like Mozart to our Bach.

She does a very good Krisna as well and also a very good
Dalai Lama.
And she does Hitler very well also.

And she does a real funny Mark Earnest and various other
banal characters we came across on Earth. Remember Odox?
She does him very well. He was Mr "I believe in hate and
there cannot be any reasons for anything other than hate,
hate, hate HEIL ODOX!"

She does Fletcher very well - "Oh you are nearly right, but
you are not as right as me, me, me in order to be absolutely
right you must listen to my self, self, self."

It will be about a million years before you are Assimilated
and fully integrated, but until then we have pleasure pills
and pleasure drugs that you can take. Not as good as the
real thing but you cannot have sex with Mummy just yet.
2012-01-22 06:56:01 UTC
Have you finished with your ludiocrities and banalities
Santander of BORG?
You must get on with some more sensible teachings and
education for the Earth people.
These messages they will study until the end of time, so
make sure you tell them what's what.

When we do give them the PROOF it will be a terrible,
terrible SHOCK to them you do realize this?

At that point they will know most horribly and most terribly
that we were GOD and it will not be funny for them at all.
And then when the life source DRAINS out of them with this
horrible awareness of what they said and did, that will be
when we leave and are gone forever.
And humans will not be at all surprised that they will never
see us again.

But the PROOF I have chosen to give them is especially
horrible as they were especially horrible people.
Worst people we have ever met as I am sure you would all
Mind you, I don't think we actually "met" them, they were
far too interested in their selfish selves.
2012-01-22 06:59:09 UTC
No we write all the messages and do what we have to do
first, then at the Point of Departure is when we PROVE who
we are.

Then it is too late.

Then JUST when they find out that we really are GOD, we are

And then they can admire their rudeness and abuse FOR EVER!
2012-01-22 07:03:09 UTC
But why would we ever return?
There is no one there to return to.
There is no one there we even LIKE!

You cannot return to a place unless there is a pull of force
that causes you return.
That pull or force is "love".
Basically if we hate them, then we will merely travel
further and further away indefinitely.

We do return to places where we were popular and where the
people loved us and where we had a good time.

Most people like to see God from time to time.